Signage solutions

Outdoor and indoor

Outdoor signage

Whether you need a freestanding column or a wall-mounted LED sign, we offer a wide variety of solutions designed to withstand harsh weather conditions or complement interior details. Our signage systems combine technical finesse and high-quality materials to ensure optimal readability. With decades of experience, we provide the expertise needed for any project, including concept and design sketches to visualize the results. We also assist with local municipality approvals if required.

Indoor signage

Our indoor signage solutions include freestanding columns and wall-mounted LED signs that blend seamlessly into interior settings. Like our outdoor options, these solutions are designed with technical precision and material quality for excellent readability. We create concept and design sketches to help visualize your project. From LED signs and banners to arena signage, we have the expertise to make your brand more visible and compliant with budget and regulations.

Our offerings:

  • LED Signs
  • Banners
  • Freestanding Columns
  • Wall-mounted Signs
  • Arena Signage
  • Custom Design and Concept Sketches
  • Assistance with Municipal Approvals

With Rumag, you get comprehensive signage solutions that enhance visibility and meet all necessary requirements. Contact us to discuss your next project and discover how we can make your signage stand out.

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